euro_fics (euro_fics) wrote in santa_barbara,

Mason/Julia Fanfiction

Hello! I'm pleasantly surprised to find a Santa Barbara comm. here, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm an old fan from back in the 80s and just recently stumbled across various online collections of video clips from the show and have fallen in love with Mason Capwell all over again. I'm an avid fic writer and have just begun posting my stories to my live journal <lj user="euro_fics">. If anyone's interested, come visit me! Say hello!
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Thank you. I'm also mjfan. And a member of some forums about this couple. i will be interested in it, I think.
Wonderful! I've been scanning the internet for the last two months trying to find all the hidden fans of this show. I use my LJ for all my fic writing in various fandoms and decided I'd try to see if anybody over here remembered Mason and Julia. A few do, it turns out! I've been posting to my LJ and Return to Avalon and That's where most of the folks hang out. But it's nice to meet an LJ person, too!
I learn english by this way - reading fanfic, talking to fans and whatching SB-scenes. I'm waiting links. ;)))))
Go here for my first story.

I'l post more to my LJ as I finish them! Hope you enjoy!
I whish so. I will try to read all (but it's not simple for me - my english is on "unintermediate" level - if to trust the tester:)))))) Thank you. I addad your blog to my links.
Awesome! I always welcome new friends to my LJ. There's a lot of Russian Santa Barbara fans out there. And some do read my stories on the soap lists where I also post them as well. Glad you'll be giving them a shot. Hugs!